Typical technique of electroplating

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Cyanide-free alkaline bright copper

The pre-plating and thickening of the copper alloy is completed in one step. The thickness of the plating layer can reach 10 μm or more, and the brightness is such as an acidic bright copper plating layer. If the blackening effect is achieved, the black effect can be achieved, and the 10,000 liters tank has been in normal operation for two years.

Can completely replace the traditional cyanide copper plating process and bright copper plating process, applicable to any metal substrate: pure copper beryllium copper alloy iron-tantalum stainless steel yttrium-zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum and aluminum alloy workpieces and other substrates, hanging plating or Barrel plating can be.

Cyanide-free bright silver plating

The common type uses thiosulfate as the main complexing agent, and the advanced type uses sulfur-free organics as the main complexing agent. Full bright coating thickness up to 40μm, plating surface resistance ~ 41μΩ · cm, hardness ~ HV101.4, thermal shock 298K (25 °C) qualified, very close to cyanide silver plating performance.

Cyanide-free gold plating

The non-cyanide autocatalytic gold plating main salt uses Na3[Au(SO3)2] and the gold layer thickness can reach 1.5μm. It has been used for gold plating on high-density flexible circuit boards and electronic ceramics.

Non-formaldehyde copper plating

Non-formaldehyde autocatalytic electroless copper plating is used for via plating and non-conductor surface metallization of circuit boards. Eliminating toxic formaldehyde instead of cheap, non-toxic hypophosphite, there are no commercial products at home and abroad. The laboratory research has been basically completed, with a deposition rate of 3 to 4 μm/h and a life expectancy of more than 10 cycles (MTO). The coating is dense and bright. But it needs to be further improved and tested in the pilot test.

Pure palladium plating

Ni can cause dermatitis. The European Union has long refused to import Ni-containing accessories. Palladium is the best substitute for Ni metal. This project was completed in 1997 and includes two processes:

First, thin palladium plating, thickness 0.1 ~ 0.2μm, has been used as anti-corrosion decorative coating and anti-silver color-changing layer on the white copper tin;

The second is thick palladium plating, with a thickness of 3 μm without cracks (international level). Because palladium is expensive, it has not yet entered the domestic market.

Trivalent chromium zinc coating blue and white color passivation agent.

The trivalent chromium salt replaces the carcinogenic hexavalent chromium salt. Blue and white passivation color such as chromium plating layer, through the neutral salt spray test for more than 24 hours, some special treatment can reach neutral salt spray test for more than 96 hours, has undergone a decade of market test. The color passivation is more passivation than blue and white, bright color, the salt spray test time is much higher than blue and white passivation, can reach 48 to 120 hours.

Pure gold plating

The main salt is K[Au(CN)2], which is a microcyanide process. Gold plating purity 99.99%, gold wire (30μm) bonding strength> 5g, solder ball (25μm) shear strength> 1.2Kg. Knoop hardness H < 90, has been used for high-density flexible circuit board gold plating.

White steel plating

There are two kinds of Pd(60)Ni(40) and Pd(80)Ni(20), which have been used as gold-plating and anti-silver discoloration layers in electronic products.


The environmentally friendly products developed using nanotechnology can completely replace the traditional cyanide copper plating pre-plating and traditional chemical nickel, and are suitable for iron, stainless steel, copper, copper alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc, zinc alloy, titanium, etc. Hanging or barrel plating can be.

High-speed chrome plating

Save cost, high plating speed, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance. Not only can increase current efficiency, but also enhance wear and corrosion resistance. Suitable for any hard chrome plating process, including; micro-cracks chrome, opal chrome, and bright chrome. Good quality, stable technology, high production efficiency, energy conservation, and significant economic benefits.

Precious metal gold, silver, palladium recovery technology; diamond inlay plating technology; stainless steel electrochemical and chemical polishing technology; textile copper plating, nickel plating technology; hard gold (Au-Co, Au-Ni) plating; palladium and cobalt alloy plating; Black Sn-Ni electroplating; electroless gold plating; pure gold immersion plating; chemical silver immersion.

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