Toilet sewer smell how to solve

- Jan 22, 2018 -

The first way to slove toilet sewer smell 

First check whether the sewer is clear, whether the impact of foreign body drainage. If there is congestion, first clear the sewer. If the sewer is not blocked, but back smell, you can use the principle of water seal, with thin plastic bags filled with water, sealed bag mouth, on the sewer mouth tightly, play a closed odor role. In addition, it is best to keep water in the bowl-shaped water storage structure of the sewer at the same time, so as to effectively prevent odor from flowing out.

The second way to slove toilet sewer smell 

Anti-taste floor drain: the cause sewer back taste of large toilets are anti-odor, probably because there are floor drain caused some sewage will drain and overflow back to the breeding of insects and other problems. May be the leakage of their own deodorant effect is not very good, you can go to the store to buy a better deodorant, so the taste inside the sewer it is difficult up.

The third way to slove toilet sewer smell 

Ordinary sewer anti-taste: If only ordinary sewer pipe odor, you can add a filter in the sewer metal mesh cover, the hair, such as large residue filter out the solid. Then the position of the sewer mouth can be reticulated bag, cover the position of the sewer mouth, it should be noted that the bag must be fixed, do not be washed into the sewer water flow inside.

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