The method of installing basin drain

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The installation of pull-type basin drain

1. Check whether the spare parts of basin drain assembly are complete.


2. Remove the lock nut from the body of basin drain assembly


3. Wipe clean the basin drain hole, applying a circle of waterproof plastic to the bottom of the drain hole. Then put basin drain into drain hole in the basinpressing close together.


4. Place the basin on the countertop, install the lock nut from below, and lock the basin drain body firmly in the basin.


5. Finally, lift the lever, lock the bottom of the lever, select the appropriate pull-up height (with many small holes on the locking head chip for adjusting), stuck with the card, and through the lock piece of lever, the entire pull basin drain installation project is over.


The installation of pop up basin drain

1. Remove the basin drain from the package.


2. Remove the fixed part and flange from the basin drain.


3. Lift up the wash basin and take the flange of the wash basin drain


4. Fasten the flange of the basin drain to the basin.


5. After the flange of the basin drain is fastened, put the basin flat on the countertop and align the drain with the hole in the countertops.


6. Wrap the PTFE on the basin drain in the right place to prevent water leakage.


7. Put the basin drain into the basin's drain hole and put flat.


8. Remove the fixed part from the basin drain, and screw it onto drain.


9. Use a wrench to secure the basin drain.


10. Turn on the water in the basin to test to see if there is seepage water leakage. If there is, you need to check to find out the reasons for dealing with, if not, the installation is completed.


The reason of water leakage from the basin drain


Basin drain water leakage is generally formed at the "S-shaped water corner"(the corner to prevent odor return) of basin below, you can remove the corner to check, if it's water leakage, you can dredge it and then loaded on it, because generally this corner is detachable. If a water leak in the below direction of the pipe bend S, you can buy a home-used "clear spring" to clear, or wire hooks to block out stemming. When the basin drain switch is bouncing off, hold the bouncing water switch by hand, turn counterclockwise and the drain switch cover is unscrewed. After unscrew, rinse directly with it, you can also brush with a small brush. The sewer will also gather a lot of hair and other dirt, and then use tweezers to catch the drain of the hair and other dirt out, then rinse with water. Confirm rinse clean, then the basin drain switch cover clockwise tighten.

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