The Knowledge of Floor drain

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Floor drain overview

  1.Floor drain is connected to the ground and  the drainage system drainage equipment.

  2.Floor drain special: it is excluded from the surface water, water stains, solids, fiber and more, hair, easy sediment and so on.

  3.Floor drain main functions:

Anti-odor, anti-clogging, anti-cockroach, anti-virus, anti-back water, anti-dry (mainly refers to the water seal floor drain)

Floor drain is good or bad mainly from four perspectives: drainage speed, odor effect, easy to clean, no mechanical principles of durability.

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Cognitive floor drain

Floor drain should have four characteristics: fast drainage, anti-odor, anti-clogging, easy to clean.

Floor drain, floor drain, as the name suggests is to drain, floor drain drain only a single function has been behind the times.

Not only to drain the water fast, the most important thing is to anti-clogging, otherwise too old to clean up, it is a recipe for disaster.

A wide variety of floor drain on the market a variety of prices from 3 to 5 yuan to more than 100 yuan, but can really play a deodorant effect is not easy to find, are said to be deodorant floor drain,available effects can only be used until after you know.


Indoor air quality, affecting the hearts of millions of households, but also affects the hearts of state leaders.

From June to September 2001, the two vice premiers of the State Council gave three consecutive instructions, stating that the health of residents in relation to environmental problems in the living room must be given high priority and the relevant departments should be obliged to conduct research. Meanwhile, the ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Health, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Environmental Protection Administration and other relevant ministries and commissions, and the drafting of relevant laws and regulations and standards are in full swing. The national standard "floor drain" (GB / T 27710-2011) came into effect on July 1, 2012.

68% of human diseases related to indoor pollution

June 1997 Beijing office outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, a time there were a total of 108 people were sick in the building, with a prevalence of 34.62%. in the building, the prevalence rate of 34.62%, the patient was covered with pain, some people tonsillitis, diarrhea, fever.

Legionnaires disease was first discovered in a meeting of veterans in Philadelphia, USA in 1976, hence the name. Legionella disease is mainly caused by Gram-negative bacilli, Legionella pneumophila colonization, growth in the water, mainly through the air conditioning cooling tower cooling water, air conditioning air supply pipes, faucets, showers and other dissemination. Symptoms are fever, chills, headache, dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., similar to the symptoms of pneumonia. It is reported that there have been seven Legionnaires' disease in China. In fact, more than 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected in the air and about 68% of human diseases are related to indoor pollution.

China Interior Decoration Association Song Guangsheng analysis, indoor environmental pollution is mainly caused by the improper use of decoration materials. First, the design is not reasonable, the room too much use of a material, such as a large area of composite floor caused formaldehyde excessive; Second, the process is unreasonable, the traditional process did not take into account the indoor environmental problems, such as composite flooring under the big core board, wall brush Varnish to prevent cracks, the traditional craft furniture will not bring edge air pollution; Third, choose the inferior decoration materials.

n 2003, Hong Kong Amoy Gardens SARS is unqualified floor drain angered disaster, the importance of the event floor drain testifies.

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