The knowledge of faucet

- Jan 25, 2018 -


1. Definition

Faucet is on the water medium to achieve Kai, closed and control of outlet flow and water temperature of a device.

2. The scope of application

For building kitchen hot and cold water pipes, the nominal pressure is not more than 1MPa, the water temperature is not greater than 90 ℃ conditions.

3. Classification

1) According to the control mode is divided into: single handle single control, single handle double control, double handle double control and others.

2) According to the body material is divided into: copper alloy, stainless steel, plastic and others.

3) According to the applicable facilities are divided into: ordinary tap, wash tap, tap and other water.

4. Specification

1) Nominal diameter: DN15, DN20, DN25.

2) Cold, hot water valve linkage span: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.

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Different structures of the tap have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example: Now choose more ceramic seal single-handle dual control nozzle, it's sealing film is more wear-resistant, water quality and clean, long life, control of water and temperature are very convenient, mature production technology, parts specifications, versatility Strong, easy to change, production costs are not high, models can be constantly updated. However, there are also shortcomings, not suitable for larger flow products, porcelain is a brittle material, the ability to resist water impurities and water hammer is poor, easy to break, there are potential safety problems, in the north of China to pay special attention to the use of winter antifreeze , Do not have non-stop function.

Installation points

1) When the local water supply pressure of the pipe network is too high (for example, more than 0.35MPa), take measures to reduce the pressure on the pipeline in front of the faucet, install the pressure reducing valve, install the automatic flow restrictor or orifice plates, etc.

2) Currently, the first type of pipe is plastic, and the other is thin-walled (stainless steel and brass). Its rigidity is far less than that of galvanized pipe, so it brings some inconvenience to the installation of the water faucet. Should pay attention to the method of fixing the faucet, otherwise it will often move the faucet handle, causing the faucet and interface loose.

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