The installation method of faucet

- Jan 24, 2018 -

First of all, be prepared to install tools, check the matching parts before installation is complete, common leading parts are: hoses, rubber washers, shower, water, kidnappers, decorative hat and so on.

1. Single hole basin mixer installation

When buying single-handle basin faucet should pay attention to the diameter of the outlet, most of the market belongs to the hard tube into the water, so you should pay attention to reserve the height of the outlet, 35 points down from the basin most appropriate. Installation, be sure to choose a dedicated angle valve, and the angle valve must be fixed wall and hot and cold water pipes. When you find the angle between the valve and the faucet on the distance between the pipes, to buy a special extension tube to connect. Remember, do not use other plumbing to connect, because if the water pressure is big, it is easy to fall off, leaking, causing you loss. If the inlet pipe is too long over the outlet pipe, cut off parts according to your needs. If the angle is not suitable, bend it to the position you need. Remember: Do not bend hard to 90 degrees or more than 90 degrees. Do not forget to buy the faucet small interface (faucet short) when installing the basin to the water. Do not forget to flush the water pipe buried in the wall before you install it.

2. Shower, bathtub faucet (wall) installation

When you buy a shower, bathtub, wall-mounted faucet, you can choose the appropriate height of the buried pipe. The spacing of hot and cold water pipes must reach 15 cm. Do not forget to wash the water pipe before installation, so as to avoid excessive water quality and cause damage to the tap.

Concealed shower, bath faucet: Purchase concealed faucet, the general should put the leading spool embedded in the wall. Must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before embedding. If the wall is too thin, the spool can not be embedded. Pre-embedded spool of plastic protective cover Do not easily removed, so as not to damage the valve plug in the embedded cement and other chores. Also in the embedded spool should also pay attention to the spool up and down, left and right direction, so as to avoid spool error. Wall faucet embedded in the inlet pipe size deviation, can be used to adjust the kidneys to adjust the position.

3. Thermostatic faucet installation

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check whether the water pipe is left hot right or cold, remember not to install the hot and cold water pipe to prevent the faucet from working properly. Gas, solar water heaters can not use thermostatic faucet, because the water pressure is too low. Do not forget to install thermostatic mixer installed hot and cold water filter.

4. Single-hole kitchen faucet installation

Requires a solid, because the kitchen faucet to use a higher frequency, combined with being moved to move easily loose, so the lock nut must be tightened. There are some leading the market for the solenoid to increase the nut fixed, this solid effect is very good, if we can solve the problem of water to pull, the future will be a popular trend.

The scope of application

For star hotels, guesthouses, public places, hospitals, home use, is your pursuit of noble, elegant life ideal!

Water pressure environment

Daily use, water pressure from tap water is generally 3-5 kg, equivalent to 0.3-0.5Mpa. If the pressure exceeds 6 kg, belonging to a high pressure, flushing body feels uncomfortable. If the pressure is less than 3 kg, you can think of the water pressure is low.

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