The implementation standards of tap

- Jan 25, 2018 -

1. Implementation standards

QB 1334-2004 "General technical specifications of taps"

GB 18145-2003 "ceramic seal tap"

GB 50242 "Building Water Supply and Drainage and Heating Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Code"

2. Requirements

1) Appearance quality

(1) Uniform plating surface gloss, no peeling, cracking, scorching, exposed, peeling, dark spots and obvious pitting, burrs and other defects.

(2) Spray the surface of the organization fine, smooth and uniform, no sagging, exposed defects

(3) Polished surface should be smooth, no obvious burr, scratches.

(4) The product surface coating, coating QB / T 3827 24h acetate salt spray test should meet the QB / T 3832 10 requirements.

(5) Cold or hot water taps shall be marked with a clear cold and hot water mark, combined with firmness. Cold water mark with blue or letter C on the right, hot water mark with red or letter H on the left.

2) Body strength test of faucet shall comply with the requirements in Table 1.4-1.

Table 1.4-1

3) The faucet seal test shall comply with the hydraulic pressure test or pressure test in Table 1.4-2.

Table 1.4-2

4) Water flow

(1) Bathtub faucet (without accessory) at dynamic pressure of (0.3 ± 0.0 2) M Pa Flow rate not less than 0.33 L / s, other faucets such as face wash, washing, etc. Less than 0.20 L / s.

(2) Washbasins with one or more attachments shall have a flow of not less than 0.15 L / s at a dynamic pressure of (0.3 ± 0.0 2) MPa.

(3) The surface washer and washing nozzle (with accessories) under the dynamic pressure (0.1 ± 0.01) MPa water pressure, the flow rate is not greater than 0.15 L / s.

5) Life expectancy

Tap life (opening and closing times) test to achieve the value specified in Table 4.5-1, should comply with the provisions of 1.4-3.

Table 1.4-3

6) Reference price

(1) The price of faucet products is affected by the following factors: brand, fashionable appearance, surface and inherent processing quality, ergonomic comfortable performance, durability, material and the same type of product processing (sales) How many batches.

(2) Currently used tap prices are about 20 yuan (ordinary single-handle single-temperature ceramic sealing faucets) ~ 500 yuan (hot and cold water mixed international famous brand faucets) between. The same function of the product price about 10 times the gap.

7) Use points

(1) "Eleventh Five-Year" Notice made it clear that spiral lifting nozzle can not be used for civilian construction of cast iron.

(2) Should choose water-saving products. Can automatically reduce the consumption of waste water (such as the installation of inflation port, the use of water bubbles in the column, anti-splash, improve water utilization, etc.).

(3) Should choose durable and not easy to damage the product, and some products can be 600,000 times the switch without failure.

(4) Frequent use of water stop place selection of water closures.

(5) Water faucets made of green materials should be selected. Except for some non-hazardous material (some used asbestos, harmful rubber and lead paint should be eliminated), most of the materials used to make the water faucet body are made of miscellaneous brass, Some lead content exceeded, should cause enough attention. The manufacture of the tap body, should choose low lead copper alloy material, and now through the method of washing lead, but also can achieve the purpose of removing lead.

(6) Ceramic seal taps in northern China to pay special attention to winter antifreeze.

(7) Ceramic seal faucet does not have a check function.

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