The flip top basin waste installation method and precautions

- May 15, 2018 -

The kitchen is a tedious space in the entire home renovation. In general, the kitchen is certainly a sink when it comes to renovations. The sink needs a flip top basin waste when it is installed. The installation of the flip top basin waste is directly related to the use of the entire sink. So before installation we still need to understand the installation method. Let's take a look at the installation method of the flip top basin waste below. What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing a flip top basin waste?

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Flip top basin waste installation method

1. Place the sink in an inverted position, hold it down, contour it along the edge, and draw a cut line at the inside of the outline to remove it;

2. Insert the head of the soap dispenser into the round hole of the sink, tighten it with a nut, and screw the bottle.

3. Insert the faucet into the hole and fix the faucet with a simple fixing device;

4. After fixing the faucet, place the two faucet inlet pipes on the faucet, paying attention to the location of the hot and cold water pipes;

5. Put the flip top basin waste into the sink hole and screw on the sealing umbrella;

6. the sealant to the edge of the overflow, the silicone seal ring on the edge of the overflow;

7. After the sealing ring is firmly fixed on the overflower, apply a sealant to the edge of the overflower.

8. Align the overflower with the overflow hole of the sink, and pay attention to align the screw hole of the overflower;

9. In the overflow hole with a Phillips screwdriver tighten the screw to reinforce the overflow;

10. Apply sealant around the sink cut, place the front edge of the installed sink close to the front edge of the cut-out and cover the glue, and slowly level the sink;

11. The silicone seal ring into the small water pipe connection;

12. Screw down the water pipe, linked to the flip top basin waste;

13. The silicone seal ring into the water pipe and the pipe connection tighten the hose;

14. The overflow pipe sleeved into the water pipe, tighten and fix;

15. The hose mouth can be connected to the outlet.

Flip top basin waste installation precautions

1. There are several kinds of wash basins, which are of the pull type, followed by the flap type and the bouncing type. In general, if these waters are used for a long time, if they are not cleaned in time, due to the accumulation of dirt, mechanical attachment Performance is not very easy to use. The old-fashioned pull-type water is not commonly used now. Now choose the kind of water outlet to choose the kind that can take out the whole core, clean it and then put it back, easy to clean up.

2. The wash basin is equipped with a metal pipe with a piece of threaded pipe in the middle. The installation is very easy. Do not buy a threaded pipe. This kind of pipe is easy to hide dirty things. Now available on the market. Selling a ready-made plastic water with a return trap, although cheap, but the quality is very bad, easy to leak water seepage, and if there is a mouse in the house, there will be a situation where the water pipe is bitten by rats, which makes people very annoyed.

3. A kind of downcomer under the wash basin is a 32-tube combination with a deodorant box. This kind of water is not only of good quality, but also has very good distance and height adjustment. It is easy to install, especially in the dark. They are beautiful and the price is slightly more expensive, but it is very convenient to use.

Through the introduction of the above article, what is the installation method for everyone? What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing a water sewer? It should be something to understand. Although the appearance of the water purifier installation may seem numerous, it is relatively simple in actual operation. However, there are many things that need attention when installing. I hope the introduction of Xiao Bian can provide useful help for everyone.

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