The difference between U type floor drain and T type floor drain

- Feb 03, 2018 -

The introduction of U-type floor drain 

1. The principle of U-type floor drain 

U floor drain structure for the bell-style, buckle like a buckle in the sewer mouth, forming a "u" type trap. When the water flows into the floor drain, due to the special structure of the water trap, the floor drain will always be part of the water, thus achieving the purpose of isolating the air from the drain pipe above the floor drain.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of U type floor drain

Advantages: u-type floor drain is now commonly used water seal floor drain. More suitable for the use of the old house. Sewer pipe has u-bend, double seal, the effect is better than single.

Disadvantages: u-type compared to the slower drainage, after all, there is a trap. u-type floor drain is relatively simple, usually life, but also there are some sticky impurities, easily lead to congestion trap, but also more difficult to clean up, over time, the trap water passage will become narrower and narrower, Lead to slow down. If the trap water dried up, then the living room and the sewer is fully connected, easily lead to odor, odor, but also may spread germs to the room.

The introduction of T-type floor drain 

1.The principle of T-type floor drain 

T-type floor drain is the use of magnet gravity balance principle, the device automatically open and close, making its performance more reliable, longer life expectancy. When the water flows in, the gasket opens automatically and drains directly. After the water is drained, the gasket is automatically closed, so that the inner core of the floor drain is completely sealed. t-type floor drain at the bottom of the valve with the water flow down, to achieve the purpose of drainage; anhydrous, installed in the floor drain on the powerful magnets will be the valve suction-homing, to deodorant, pest control purposes.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of T type floor drain

Advantages: t-type floor drain can be through the weight of water, to change the closure of the magnetic closure plate, in order to achieve the effect of opening or closing. t-type floor drain water fast, but also deodorant pest control.

Disadvantages: Need to clean the leak to the core, there is back to the washing machine floor drain phenomenon, because the core has a magnet, iron powder in the laundry powder easy to inhale the floor drain, the hair is also easily wrapped in the middle of the piston, the magnet will fail for a long time.

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