The difference between different material of angle valve

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Now when we are in the bathroom renovation, in addition to the purchase of furniture and building materials, the most important thing is the bathroom waterway laying work. The waterway will be paved to all of us need water later, washbasin is one of them. The washbasin angle valve waterway laying must use an angle valve, then what are the main wash basin angle valve material? The following small series for everyone to introduce a variety of common washbasin angle valve material.


Washbasin angle valve

Washbasin angle valve - iron washbasin angle valve

Angle valve is the angle valve, angle valve and spherical valve similar to the structure and characteristics of the ball valve is amended. The difference with the ball valve is that the angle valve outlet and inlet into a 90 degree right angle.

Iron material

Advantages, cheap

Disadvantages, easy to rust, a lot of rusty debris, along with water flow, easy to wear ceramic tiles according to leaks and plug the water pipe.

Discrimination method, many businesses often iron angle valve posing as copper angle valve, because the angle valve inlet into the inside, and copper are the same as a certain yellow Oh! The important difference is that the iron is yellowish, but very rough with grainy protrusions that are not smooth. Copper material, showing yellow or yellowish white, but the interior is very smooth.

Washbasin angle valve - zinc alloy washbasin angle valve

Zinc alloy material

Advantages, the price slightly more expensive than iron, not easy to rust

Shortcomings, as we all know, "zinc" is a lively metal, easy oxidation, zinc alloy continues this feature, zinc alloy angle valve, easy oxidation, the general service life of only 2-3 years after this period, the zinc alloy Triangle valve inlet, into the part of the pipeline will be automatically oxidized, broken pipe, unloading is not easy to use chisels and hammers, but also easy to damage the pipe thread.

Discrimination method, looking from the water inlet along the light, the wall has a white point (commonly known as oxidation point), this is certainly the zinc alloy no doubt.

Washbasin angle valve - copper washbasin angle valve

Copper material

Advantages, not easy to oxidation, will not rust, are generally used ceramic spool, the useful life of more than 10 years, and the removal is particularly easy.

Shortcomings, the price is slightly more expensive than iron, zinc alloy.

Discrimination method, copper material, from the water inlet along the light look, showing yellow or yellowish white, but the interior is very smooth.

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