The design of siphon

- Jun 09, 2018 -

The design of flat siphons has some secrets. In order to prevent the disgusting odor of the sewer, use the cheap type device of black shims.

They do not look as beautiful as white but are used in expensive siphon models. In addition, if you decide to install this equipment, you should stop choosing fasteners (nuts and bolts) made of stainless steel. Thanks to this solution, your device will last longer.

The principle of flat siphons is no different from other similar devices. You can describe it as follows:

First, water from a water pipe or washing machine enters the sewer pipe;

After it passes through the sedimentation tank;

Finally, water is discharged through the outlet pipe.

As mentioned earlier, the flat siphon is designed to stop odors from entering the room.

This is only possible if the installation is correct, and a water seal can be created without missing unpleasant odors. Only in the absence of the owner of an apartment or private home can the smell of the sewage system enter the room. The water that has accumulated in the unit gradually evaporates, causing the odor to pass through. In order to eliminate this situation, it is necessary to discharge the water through the siphon tube, and the siphon tube is connected to the pipeline equipment when it arrives, and then the odor disappears after a period of time.

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