The correct installation of the bathroom basin The details can not be ignored - Basin waste installation

- Apr 12, 2018 -

In our residential space, the role of the bathroom can not be ignored. However, many friends always have problems in the bathroom at home, because of problems in the construction. The following I will use the washbasin waste installation in the bathroom as an example to introduce to you the knowledge about the correct installation of the bathroom basin waste. 

In the modern home improvement design, the bathroom is a combination of shower, toilet and wash. For the installation of some washbasins waste in the bathroom, we must pay attention to the construction, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to our home life. Here we take a look at the correct installation of the bathroom basin waste knowledge.

Rely on the front step, according to the opening plan, cut the gap that matches the actual size of the basin waste. (Note: Reserve space for installation of water supply pipes, drainage parts, inlet angle valves, etc.)

The second step is to install marble countertops.

The third step is to place the bowl into the cutting hole of the marble countertop and correct the position.

The fourth step is to evenly apply the glass glue on the countertop between the edge line of the basin and the cutting edge.

The fifth step is to install the washbasin on the countertop and check its position. Then press the washbasin flat to remove the extra glass glue on the edge of the washbasin.

The sixth step is to wait until the glass glue is dry, we then connect the water pipe fittings and the drain fittings. Remember to drain 3 to 5 minutes to clean the pipeline. At the same time, we want to check if there is any leakage.

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