Siphon device design and operating principle

- Jun 07, 2018 -

The siphon is a drain designed to prevent the smell of sewage from entering the room. Flats are often used when you need to save space under the sink or when you cannot install different types of equipment. He accumulated water in a special room and did not let the smell of poor sewers enter the room. The equipment is easy to use, does not accumulate slime and other raids, and is also quite powerful and affordable. It can be used in kitchen sinks or in bathrooms near washing machines or vanities. You know what a flat siphon is, now you should better understand its operating principle and the design of the device.

Equipment design and operating principle

Regardless of the type and location of the installation, each plastic siphon contains the following components in its equipment:

1. Protection grid

2. Thick rubber gaskets;

3. Branches of liquid faucets;

4. Fastening and connecting elements;

5. Body;

6. Transfer to sewage system;

7. Plastic adapter

8. Small and large flat rubber and tapered washers;

9. Decorative plastic covering or screen.

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