Selection of sink drain

- Jul 16, 2018 -

The sink drain is a very important part of the flume. The water quality of the flume will directly affect the normal and good use of the flume. Therefore, the water trough selection is also very important, of course, the general brand of water trough, good quality sink water is very good, all aspects of the water are very good, so it is able to ensure the good use of the tank.

If we choose the sink drain alone or if the sink drain is broken, we need to make a choice. How should we choose it? In this regard, I would like to tell you what kind of sink drain is good.

First, many water pipes in the market are made of PVC material without self sealing. The tank sewer pipe, though cheap, is short of service life and needs to be replaced after a period of time. Moreover, there are burrs in the middle of the drainpipes, so that garbage can be entangled in them. It must be cleaned regularly, resulting in a lot of trouble.

The excellent sink drain water pipes of the flume should be non scaling, corrosion resistant, high density, and can withstand the temperature of hot water. Generally, the water pipe under the general quality is self sealing, weak elastic PP material, high inner wall finish, no burr, and refuse can not be attached to the wall. You remind everyone, so when you choose the water tank, you must see clearly what material is it, how smooth it is.

In addition, the water fittings with the quality of the sink drain water pipes of the flume should also be used with a well sealed and stable material. In this way, multiple filters can be used to prevent the blockage of the pipe and the larger volume of waste can be avoided into the water pipe, which brings more trouble.

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