Material for making a flat siphon for cleaning

- Jun 06, 2018 -

The product is made from the following materials:

1. Plastic (polyethylene, propylene). It is considered to be the best material for flat siphons because it does not corrode and corrode and has good strength.

2. Metal. In rare cases products made of bronze or brass are used because they may oxidize over time.

Special attention should be paid to choosing a flat siphon for the housing. At the time of purchase, all components of the assembly need to be carefully inspected, including washers and screws. In the case of a washbasin fitted with a flat siphon above, any defects must be excluded when fastening the parts, as they may cause leakage.

Siphon installation can be performed independently. It is installed between the sink and the sewer. Parts must be firmly fixed. After installation, make sure to check it, open the faucet and observe the siphon tube.

The correct choice of sink flat siphon will provide your room with functionality and convenience.

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