Installation techniques of different basins

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Installation method of Stage basin

The installation of the stage basin is relatively simple, just press the installation drawing in the table to open the hole, after the basin placed in the hole, with a glass of plastic will fill the gap.

II. Installation method of Lower basin

Under the platform Basin installation is more complex, the first need to order the size of the basin to install the bracket, and then set the table under the basin installed in a predetermined position, fixed good support, will have opened the hole of the table cover in the lower basin. When installing, the bracket position should be fixed accurately, in addition, the hole in the place to grind round.

Three, the installation method of hanging pots

Hanging pots are generally installed on the wall, very space-saving. Below look at the general installation method of the Hanging basin.

1. Through the measurement, the completion of the wall to mark the installation height and centerline, it is recommended that the installation height of 82cm2 will be the basin along the central line to the installation position, adjust the horizontal center, the wall to anchor the installation hole position.

2. Be careful to open the basin, the wall anchor hole out of the appropriate distance to drill the hanging bolt hole, the suspension bolts installed on the wall, and make each bolt to maintain the 45MM4 leveling basin, sleeve gasket and tighten the nut until appropriate, Cap 5 put the bracket on the wall, correct its position and then anchor hole, install the bracket on the wall, and use four pieces of colloidal connect the basin with the bracket 6 according to the instructions of the purchased water, install the faucet and drain assembly, and connect the water inlet and the drain 7 In the basin against the wall between the mold glue sealing

Four, column basin installation method

The general method of column basin installation is to install the water of the column basin first and then install the faucet and hose. Then the column Basin porcelain column placed to the appropriate position, the column basin carefully put up, pay attention to the water pipe just inserted into the original ground to leave the sewer. The upper water pipe is then connected to the port of Sheung Shui. Finally, the glass glue is played along the edge of the column basin.

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