installation of pop up waste

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Nowadays, some families are still preferring to install certain water traps in their own homes. After all, there are still some toilets in the kitchen are inseparable from the water, and the production of a lot of waste water needs to be discharged, this time you need to install the drainage. Xiaobian today to give you a detailed introduction of some ways to install pop up waste or to be called pull-up waste.


pop up waste installation

Pull - pull drainage installation - pull - pull dropper prevalence reasons

Many owners have many years of renovation experience, after a long time in the wash basin, prone to dirt attached to the basin drainer, water in the wash basin can not go under the phenomenon. In fact, this is because the drainer is not cleaned up, which highlights a problem, when buying a basin drainer must be easy to buy.

Pull down the water trap installation - Pull the water trap installation steps

Take out the water and remove the fasteners and flanges under the drain. Basin under the type of water: wash basin there are several types of water, the first is the pull-style, and later there are flip-type and bouncing, etc., in general, these water with a long time if not cleaned up in time, due to the deposition of dirt Attached, the mechanical properties are not very easy to use. Old-fashioned pull-type water now not commonly used, and now choose the outlet to choose the kind of core can take out the whole, clean and then put back to the kind of easy to clean.

Bouncing drain looks very good, but in use for a period of time, you need to unscrew the water, with a detergent to scrub the dirt above, so as to ensure the smooth flow of water sewer; such a drain has a disadvantage, This special ceramic basin outlet is not easy to find, usually glass basin under the nozzle, the ceramic nozzle is below the pipe with a drain, and some suppliers hit a hole in the glass outlet, when the ceramic basin Sewer selling. This modification of the glass outlet under the water nozzle to a lot shorter, if the ceramic pot is thicker than the following will lead to Luo buckle buckle, then it can only be a hexagonal Lo fastener, but after loading Very not strong, easy to loose, so it is best not to choose this outlet.

Pull-down drainage installation - the purchase of drainage pipe precautions

Wash basin drain pipe is a middle with a section of threaded pipe under the metal pipe, a bend a plug, the installation is very easy; best not to buy threaded pipe, which is easy to hide things inside the tube; Now the market On the sale of a ready-made return bend plastic into the water, although cheap, but the quality is not good, easy to leak water seepage, and if there is a mouse at home, there will be sewer pipes were bitten by rats, people very annoyed.

Through the above introduction we should already have a certain understanding of the installation method of pull-pull. In fact, there are many, many, many families are still prefer this pull-type drop, it is also more convenient to use, and the price is not expensive, the average family can afford Oh.

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