Installation method and characteristics of bouncing drain

- May 31, 2018 -

I believe that for many consumers, bouncing drain are not an unfamiliar product. Many consumers prefer to choose pop-up poppers when decorating, which is inseparable from the characteristics of the products themselves. Below, Xiao Bian will tell you in detail about the installation method and product features of the pop-up popper. Interested friends come to understand it!

Installation method and characteristics of bouncing drain

The first step is to remove any excess water from the sink. Look at the sink sink drain assembly and eject lever. Use a pair of pliers to hold the threaded rod onto the lock nut and release it to lock the drain near the top of the nut. If the lock nut is loose, it will be a little loose during assembly and swing, and there will be residual water overflow. Go back to the top of the sink and unscrew it, remove the front ring and pop it out from the bottom. You can prepare to install a new popup.

The second step is to install a new drain flange and clean the drainage holes of the old quilted or putty. The plumber's putty completely surrounds the new flange at the bottom of the chrome ring. To be appropriate, the most important thing is to cover the bottom. Some components will have rubber pads or you can also use silicone sealants, but plumber's putty work is the most important.

The third step is to prepare the bottom of the assembly and assemble the rubber gasket on the bottom of a fitting putty. This will ensure that you get the bottom of a good sealed sink. Through the bottom of the bottom sinks to the rubber pad with a good seal, the top flange of the screw goes into the bottom assembly and sticks from the top of the sink. It does not need to be nervous. Most importantly, it is connected, not cross-threaded, using wrenches or pliers, tightening the assembly of the locking nut on the bottom, the excess putty between the ring and the sinking surface, wipe with a clean rag net.

The fourth step is to install the brake and insert it into the top of the sewer to ensure that the hole sinks behind. Again, go back to the bottom. The remaining plug unit consists of a ball and a rod. The nut inside the ball, threaded pipe. Make sure the unit moves up and down by the push rod.

The advantages and disadvantages of bouncing drain

The bouncing-type pop-up device is very convenient for cleaning. The main reason is that some people have long hair when washing and it is most likely to bring the hair to the underwater. The long time will cause the sewer resistance to be invisible for one day and two days, but it is a long time. It takes a lot of time for the knot to endure. It is a trouble to clear the sewer when it is blocked. The bouncing can effectively filter impurities on the bobbin and pick it up at any time to prevent impurities from entering the downfall pipe, such as shampooing. The drawbacks of bouncing are obvious. The life is short and the bouncing device is easily damaged.

The bouncing drain is a decoration material that we often use during the decoration. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Which has been loved by many consumers.

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