Installation demonstration of washing machine tap

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Installation tools: spanner,screwdriver, flashlight, teflon tape.

It is best to have experienced and qualified staff to install.

1. The first thing to do is thoroughly flush the mud, sand, and swabs in the inlet pipe several times.

2. The washing machine tap and the hot and cold water supply pipe must be connected correctly. Facing the washing machine tap, the left side is connected with hot water and the right side is connected with cold water.

3. Must be balanced when installing, first use a suitable wrench, avoid excessive force, strong installation, damage to components.

4. When installing the standard of success: no leakage, no leakage

* Note: The tap must not be bumped or rubbed with hard objects. Do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface of the washing machine tap.

Step 1: When installing the washingmachine tap, please pay attention to protect the plating of the faucet to prevent metal objects from reaching the washingmachine tap.

Step 2: Unscrew a braided hose by hand.

Step 3: Remove the easy-fit sleeve.

Step 4: Washers are important, do not lose.

Step 5: Tighten the easy-loader.

Step 6: Place the washingmachine tap on the mounting hole and install the washers and easy-fitting sleeves according to the order of the pictures.

Step 7: Insert the braided hose removed from the front through an easy-to-install sleeve and washer to replace the faucet. Be sure to tighten it.

Step 8: Try to tighten the easy-to-install sleeves. Finally, before connecting the angle valves, remember to use the largest valve for waterproofing to remove the impurities in the pipes and prevent them from being clogged.

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