How to remove the basin waste-the steps to remove the basin waste

- Sep 17, 2017 -

    Modern people are very focused on personal hygiene, so we will always clean the face or wash our hands. Washbasin becomes more and more important in the bathroom.Although we will touch the washbasin every day, but the structure of the washbasin you clear? Do you know which pot is a basin waste? How should the sink waste be disassembled? Let 's talk about this topic today.

    The sink drain is a drainage device such as a basin. Zinc alloy will oxidize, tend to become brittle, to a certain number of years will break or rot, full copper red forging in more than 10 years, zinc alloy about 5 years, about 10 years of stainless steel. While the copper and stainless steel life is relatively long, the quality of a certain degree of protection.

The steps to remove the basin waste

1.To remove any excess water from the sink.

2.Install the drainage holes in addition to the drain flanges and clean the old twist or putties.

3.Prepare the bottom of the group to put a rubber gasket on the bottom of a pipe fitting putty.

4.Remove the brakes and plug them into the top of the sewer to ensure that the face faces the sink.

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