How to install the basin trap

- Apr 04, 2018 -

1. If a drain plug is installed at the bottom of the bent portion of the basin trap, use a wrench to remove the drain plug and drain the water inside the basin trap to the bucket. If there is no drain plug, you should loosen the slide nuts and move them out of the way.

2. If the basin trap is of a rotary type, the bent portion of the basin trap can be freely disassembled. However, keep the basin trap upright when disassembling, and drain the water after removing the part. If the basin trap is stationary and does not rotate, unscrew the tailpipe slide nut at the drain flange and the slide nut at the top of the basin trap. Push the tail pipe down into the basin trap, and then turn the water basin trap clockwise until it can drain the basin trap water. Pull out the tail pipe, unscrew the screw that holds the basin trap, and remove the basin trap from the drain extension or drain.

3. According to needs, purchase a suitable drain pipe basin trap, new tail pipe, drainage extension or other accessories. The rotary trap is the easiest to use because you can easily adjust it to change its angle or align it with the drain/component. The drain plug on the basin trap is also handy. With it, you do not have to remove the basin trap to clean it.

4. Replace the parts in the correct order and make sure that the sliding nuts, pressure seals, or large washers are installed in the appropriate parts of the pipe. Loosely connect the parts together with a sliding nut and make final adjustments so that the pipes are aligned with each other and then tighten the nuts. The tightness can be moderate, not too tight. You don't usually need to use plumber's tape or joint fillers, but you can also use it.

5. Immediately put water into the new basin trap, which can check for leaks and allow this water to form an important barrier against sewer gas.

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