How to instal floor drain?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

In our bathroom, floor drain installation is very important, reasonable installation of floor drain determines our drainage problems, Xiaobian today for everyone to better work in this area, Xiaobian to introduce you to the floor drain installation The method for your reference.

Floor drain


How to install floor drain - waterproof layer setting method

Base requirements: the debris can be cleaned up, the construction of the wet base, and because of its cement mortar to be waterproof construction, and leveling layer of mortar the same material, waterproof layer and the surface of the high degree of integration.

Wall: waterproof layer total thickness (waterproof mortar + waterproof mortar) not less than 10 mm, the height of not less than 1800 mm. First with waterproofing agent and cement (1: 3) Stir into water-proof mortar brushing one or two times, with a total thickness of 2 mm; 20 minutes waterproof mortar table dry, waterproofing agent and cement, sand ) Stir into a waterproof mortar wipe the base surface, a thickness of 8 mm.

How to install floor drain - installation of floor drain does not damage the waterproof layer

1. To replace the floor drain, you need to pay attention to the current use of the old floor drain and the size of the basic information such as the size of the bathroom at home with up to 10 * 10cm square floor drain, there are 12cm circular floor drain; as bathroom plumbing size, Water pipe diameter of 50mm. Note that the size of the new panel to be replaced is the same size as the old floor drain.

2. The old floor drain tile and tile joints with a screwdriver or other tools slowly opened to separate, with the word screw will drain around the cement made, and then hit the ground with a small hammer to separate it from the cement; The old concrete floor drain hole clean up around the drain, pay attention to the need to temporarily plug the drain to prevent debris falling into the drain.

3. After cleaning, the walls of the pit wall scraping cement putty. Needs to be replaced up to the new floor drain around the negative also scraped cement putty to make it firmly integrated with the ground, and excess cement meal area, clean up the ground garbage. In the new floor drain need to remove the deodorant, so as to avoid the sand and other artifacts into the core, affecting the use of results; new replacement floor drain tiles and tiles should be aligned, height should not be higher than the tiles, surrounded by coated glass glue or white cement and dry Dry; installed, installed on the floor drain odor-resistant core, put the grate can be;

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