How to decorate the bathroom?

- Apr 17, 2018 -


The threshold is a checkpoint that prevents water from overflowing from the bathroom. Its design and construction points are as follows: 1. The upper plane of the sill is to be tilted toward the inside of the bathroom so that the water droplet can smoothly slide toward the inside of the bathroom; 2. The threshold is the same as the width of the door frame. The thickness of the door frame must be the same as the thickness of the wall so that there will be no large access when laying the floor tiles, and the chance of creating a breach will be relatively reduced.

Floor waterproof

There are many kinds of waterproof materials, and the most popular ones are water repellents. When laying a waterproof layer, about 20 cm above the foot of the wall should be laid, and at least not lower than the height of the lintel. When there is a reserved pipe on the floor, the waterproof layer needs to wrap the reserved pipe. After the waterproofing of the floor is done and dried, it must be immediately primed with cement mortar or protective measures to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

Tile laying essentials

1. There must be about 1 percent of the discharge slope, and the slope is towards the floor outlet;

2. The seams of the tiles must be the same in thickness, and must be aligned with the seams of the tiles;

3. When the bathtub front wall is made of tiled tiles, the tiles are best affixed to the bottom of the wall, and then attached to the wall to avoid breakage.

Wash countertops

The surface of the washboard countertop should be selected to be “all-in-one” (that is, the surface material of the countertop is the same as the internal material composition and color), and a countertop with only one surface of the plastic shell cannot be selected because only the surface of the surface of the plastic shell can be repaired once it is damaged. (To test whether the countertop is "fullbody", you can use the light to illuminate from the back of the room. Light-transmissible is the "full-body" countertop). In addition, joints must be applied to the joints between the tabletop and the washbasin to prevent the water from oozing from the joints.


Generally when installing a toilet, it is customary to use a cement mortar padding to fix the toilet. In fact, this method is wrong. After this method is used to fix the toilet, the toilet cannot be disassembled and installed again. If the pipeline is seriously blocked, only knock it off. Toilet one way.

Exhaust fan

Generally, when people build houses, they do not pay much attention to bathroom ventilation equipment. Most of them only install an exhaust fan. The bad gas in the bathroom cannot be discharged outside, and it is still just circulating in the bathroom.

This is a trivial matter that many people pay attention to, saying that he is a small number of things!

If the bathroom is used for a long time, it will appear anti-odor, moist, etc., and many people do not handle it well. This is also a headache for people. How do we solve it? Below, you will talk about the solution to the problem, how to prevent the moisture of the bathroom renovation and back to the small knowledge of it, learned, these are not a problem, we can easily make it!

When we decorate the bathroom space, most owners will pay attention to the comfort of the bathroom, the sense of depiction and ease of use, but compared to simply ignore the moisture-proof, anti-backward portrayal of bathroom decoration, which is very faulty .

Although the bathroom renovation method is not difficult, but must pay attention to moisture, anti-back to the details. So, how to decorate the bathroom? How to prevent moisture dampens the bathroom? Here I will talk about the precautions of moisture-proof and anti-return of bathroom decoration.

Bathroom decoration moisture prevention precautions

1. Pay attention to design the bathroom as dry and wet as possible;

2, pay attention to protect the ventilation effect of the bathroom, the partition can not be easily set;

3, be sure to buy a deodorant with the launch of water;

4, the bathroom without ventilation windows must be installed exhaust fan;

5. Pay attention to the tightness of each outlet;

6, pay attention to the washing machine to use special water;

7, the shower area accurately set the slope of the water in order to drain as soon as possible;

8, choose high-quality toilet, bathtub and basin;

9. Pay attention to the high-enclosed shower room.

The above nine, as long as everyone pays attention, how to prevent moisture dampening bathroom bathroom is no longer your trouble!!

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