How to choose sink drain

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Many of my friends will be very worried when buying water heaters, because the type and structure of the water heaters on the market are very much, we do not know what kind of water he should choose. Some friends may be more understanding of the water better, then if you do not understand this knowledge? So Xiaobian today to explain to everyone in detail about the purchase of water traps it.

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sink drain

How to choose the sewer - the type of sewer

There are several types of sewer, the first is the pull-style, and later there are flip-type and bounce, etc., in general, these water with a long time if not cleaned up, due to the accumulation of dirt deposition, mechanical properties are not too Easy to use Old-fashioned pull-type water now not commonly used, and now choose the outlet to choose the kind of core can take out the whole, clean and then put back to the kind of easy to clean.

Bouncing drain looks very good, but in use for a period of time, you need to unscrew the water, with a detergent to scrub the dirt above, so as to ensure the smooth flow of water sewer; such a drain has a disadvantage, This special ceramic basin outlet is not easy to find, usually glass basin under the nozzle, the ceramic nozzle is below the pipe with a drain, and some suppliers hit a hole in the glass outlet, when the ceramic basin Sewer selling.

How to choose under the water - by the pot model distinction

Overflow hole is the basin when the water is more and more time, there will be a diversion in the upper basin along the water flow out, this hole is the overflow hole, and now many new stage basin, art basin, almost all Is not overflow hole, the tap is not closed, the water will be full from the basin along. Without overflow hole is very simple, when the water is full of water will overflow from the basin, so be careful basin water situation, to prevent the forgotten and lead to water Manchurian.

How to choose the drainer - Optional drainage precautions

Sewer pipe plugging is very troublesome, no matter how well you dredge the sewer pipe, in order to prevent clogging, the best sewer pipe under the wash basin is a combination of 32 tubes with a deodorant box, the water is not only good quality, but also Very close distance and height adjustment, easy to install, very convenient to use. There are all copper sewer, very durable and cheap.

Today is Xiaobian today to recommend some of your life is very useful shopping tips, you read this small companion article Xiaobian articles should have some understanding of the purchase of the sewer. In fact, the purchase of basin water heater is a technical live, if purchased at the time of buying a bad quality products, then it will give you the use of trouble.

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