How to choose angle valve?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Why should we install angle valve?


1. The angle valve helps to repair sanitary ware conveniently, cut off the media, plays a role on easy to repair terminal equipment


2. Angle valve can also adjust the water pressure, The role of angle valve is mainly in the water pressure instability or water pressure under the conditions of large pressure to control it, to prevent the water inside the toilet due to excessive pressure caused by burst, seal ring damage lead to water leakage. Also for the convenience of future maintenance and replacement of hoses.


3. To play a role on convergence of internal and external interfaces, it can be installed at the sanitary ware's inlet. It can be connected the inner hole of the wall of toilet bowl and the inner hole of the hose. It also can control the flow of water, and water conservation.


4. Eliminate noise, due to angle valve has these features, such as no water hammer, no noise, reliable sealingetc. Generally pneumatic angle valve will be widely used in printing and dyeing, bleaching, food, washing, chemical, water treatment, medicine and other automatic mechanical equipment installation.


5. Limiting water pressure, control flow, after installing the angle valve, you are no longer have to worry about the water pressure is too large. Just by adjusting the angle valve, you can easily limit the water pressure, but also to protect your faucet hose.


6. We must have such troubles that the faucet has to be overhauled and the water shutoff valve needs to be shut down, so all the water in the house was removed. That is because there is no separate angle valve installed in your faucet, and if there is an angle valve, you can control your water anywhere, overhaul has become very easy.


How to choose angle valve?


The prior selection is copper triangle valve, check the test report.


In the case of adequate light, the angle valve can be placed in the hands to observe. The surface should be bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, no scorch marks, and when we see nearly it looks no porosity, no blistering, plating seamless, uniform color, we touch it no burr and sand. Click on the faucet surface with your fingers, fingerprints quickly spread. Click on the faucet surface with your fingers, fingerprints quickly spread, and it is not easy to attach scale.


First of all look at the material, it is best copper material will be heavier, excellent material, significantly extending the life of the product. Although zinc angle valve is cheaper in the market, but with the using after a year, it is easy to break, and it is hard to maintenance. Second, the valve core are generally used ceramic spool, the spool is the heart of the product. Firmly shut, service life time depends on it, particularly inside the seal ring and the ceramic sheet! You can try feel, feel too heavy, the switch is difficult, feel too light, it does not take long before it leaks water, if it feels soft and its life is longer.


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