How many angle valves for home decoration?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

In the home decoration need to pay attention to a lot of details, especially in our daily life water often used in this aspect of the decoration design should be particularly careful. Angle valve installation is one of the many details that must be, many young people who just bought a house are not very familiar with these things, then Xiaobian will introduce you to home decoration probably need to install a few angle valve and angle valve What are the effects?

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Angle valve

Decoration requires several angle valve - how many angle valve home improvement

Home decoration generally have four positions need angle valve: toilet on the water needs a cold. Wash basin on the nozzle need a cold 1 hot. Kitchen sink on the water needs 1 cold 1 hot. Sump on the water heater needs 1 cold and 1 hot.

Calculated according to the above total of seven angle valve, 4 cold 3 heat. If you have 2 toilets in your home, you need 8 angle valves and 5 cool and 3 hot. If the family has two bathrooms, two washbasins, two toilets, then a total of 10 angle valve, 6 cold 4 heat.

Decoration requires several angle valve - angle valve material

Angle valve is best copper material, long service life, the valve spool is better than the ceramic valve spool, ceramic spool tightly closed, long service life. Angle valve material also zinc alloy, plastic. Zinc alloy easy to aging, short service life. Plastic is not beautiful, short life.

The copper angle valve with red forging process can be used for more than 10 years. The copper angle valve with sand turning technology can be used for 5-8 years. The zinc alloy angle valve will be very brittle for 3 years and may break in the pipeline And can not be replaced.

Angular valve to buy when you look at the surface of the plating luster, gloss is better, there is no blistering and scratches, a good angle valve surface bright and clean, hand touch smooth flawless.

Decoration requires several angle valve - angle valve role and features

Angle valve What is the role:

1, angle valve from the role of transfer of internal and external outlets. If the water pressure is too high, you can adjust the angle valve, off a little.

2, angle valve has the role of the switch, if the leading leaking, etc., can turn off the triangular valve replacement, without having to shut the total valve in the house. The company is located in:

3, the installation of the angle valve dull and elegant, so the general new angle angle valve repair is essential plumbing accessories.

Angle valve features:

1, Angle valve flow path is simple, dead zone and eddy current area smaller, with the help of the medium of its own scouring effect, which can effectively prevent media blockage, that is, better self-cleaning performance.

2, the valve flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient larger than the single seat valve, equivalent to the flow coefficient of double seat valve.

3, Angle valve for high viscosity, with suspended solids and granular fluid pipe, or for the required right-angle pipe place. The flow of the angle valve is generally in and out side, under special circumstances can reverse installation, that is, flow into the side into the bottom.

From the above introduction, we can conclude that in the home decoration generally need seven angle valve, according to different needs can also be increased, the greatest role is to change the direction of the angle of the water flow, so that where you need to be able to use To the water. Details determine the success or failure, if you do not care about the installation of the angle valve in the house decoration these small details tend to bring great trouble to the future of residence, but I believe through continuous accumulation of experience in the decoration process we will pay more attention to detail.

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