Floor drain the selection of points and beautify

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Use points

1) CJ / T 186-2003 standard only applies to the floor drain used in general industrial and civil buildings, not suitable for special places such as civil air defense works for anti-wave floor drain, explosion-proof floor drain for petrochemical enterprises. For a special place of floor drain, in addition to refer to this standard, it should also meet the technical requirements of the relevant industries.

2) Water seal is one of the important features of the water seal floor drain. Selection should be aware of the product's water seal depth reached 50mm. Side wall floor drain, with a net frame floor drain, sealed floor drain mostly without water seal; Spill-proof floor drain, multi-channel drain most of the water seal, the selection should be based on the manufacturers information to understand clearly.

For the floor drain without water seal, the drain drain pipe should be equipped with a water seal depth of not less than 50mm water trap. This component can be configured by the floor drain manufacturer, or by the floor drain installer.

3) Floor drain ramen sub-surface height can be adjusted to adjust the height of not less than 35mm, in order to ensure that after the completion of the ground floor surface drain floor elevation and ground level. Floor drain waterproof wing ring, in order to make the floor drain installed in the waterproofing requirements.

The underground drain, which is located in the underground garage car passage or under load, shall have a strength that meets the relevant load.

4) With water seal floor drain structure should be reasonable, smooth, debris in the drainage is not easy to settle down; cross-sectional area of each part should be greater than the cross-sectional area of the discharge pipe, and the smallest section of the runner net width should not be less than 10mm.

5) Floor drain connection in three ways: socket; thread; clamp. The size of the connection port can be determined according to the relevant state regulations.

6) Should give priority to deodorant floor drain, do not need to drain the place can not set the floor drain. Builders not allowed to set aside the backwater drain can not be completed.


Dry floor drain can be set in an inconspicuous position, because the ground will not have too much water; and wet areas such as the shower area, in order to ensure smooth water, so not only can not hide, have to let it below the ground 10mm , May not look good. At this point, you can decorate it with some designs. For example, to hide the floor drain, make a dangling metal hollow decoration on it, which resonates with the interior effect and also acts as a "secondary filter." Alternatively, the ground around the floor drain can be mosaicked with a curved, slanted pattern that is both beautiful and helps to speed up the water flow.

In addition, you can also use the characteristics of the toilet floor was raised to the floor drain as a center to do a small "pond."

Installation and add installation


First: trimming drainage holes reserved to make it fully consistent with the floor drain bought back, because the real estate agents in the delivery of drainage holes when reserving holes are relatively large. Among them, the floor drain shuttlecock hole diameter should be controlled between 6-8mm, to prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt into;

Second: It should be grasped that the multi-channel floor drain inlet according to the actual situation to use the installation. Multi-channel floor drain is a floor drain with multi-function connector (to undertake the face wash, bathtub, washing machine and ground drainage), this structure can solve the problem of a sewer port needs more drainage.

Add installation

In the absence of floor drain to add floor drain generally have two ways: First, raise the ground, laying the water pipe; Second, piercing the floor, re-laying the water pipe.

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