Floor drain classification and advantages and disadvantages

- May 17, 2018 -

Traditional water seal floor drain

Advantages: cheap, widely used in the hair embryo house builder's own products.

Disadvantages: poor self-cleaning ability, easy to plug, difficult to clean; slow drainage

Eccentric block bottom floor drain

Advantages: cheap, easy to produce.

Disadvantages: (1) The gasket is a mechanical structure with poor sealing; (2) The pin is easily damaged; (3) The flap is easy to get stuck and not reset. The basic problem cannot be solved.

Spring type floor drain

Advantages: Deodorant effect is good before the spring fails

Disadvantages: (1) The spring is made of ferroboron, and the long-term contact with the sewage easily rusts, resulting in weakened elasticity, failure, and short life; (2) Springs tend to wind around the hair, affecting the rebound of the gasket; (3) The gasket is mechanical Structure, closed. It needs to be cleaned or replaced frequently, otherwise it will not be deodorant at all.

Magnet stone floor drain

Advantages: Plastic cores can be processed in different types.

Disadvantages: (1) Because of poor ground water quality, such as scrubbing articles, brushing and other reasons, it will contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the magnet, after a period of time, the impurity layer will lead to seals can not be closed, not To deodorant effect; (2) magnetic force will gradually weaken, disappear, affect the sealing gasket open and close, easy to malfunction.

Gravity floor drain

Advantages: filter integrated type is not easy to lose.

Disadvantages: (1) Floor drain core has spiral mechanical parts inside, long-term work in the sewage will rust or silt silt, hinder the buoyancy ball up and down movement, affect drainage, deodorant, anti-bacterial; (2) sealing cover will also be due to siltation Hair and mud, resulting in loose seals, deodorizes and bacteria.

Silicone floor drain

Advantages: Anti-aging properties of silicone and its own good elasticity, good deodorant performance, drainage is also fast.

Disadvantages: The mechanical opening and closing of silicone is not durable.

New water seal floor drain

Advantages: long-term use will not be bad without mechanical principles, the effect is good.

Disadvantages: The cost of the stainless steel core is high.

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