Floor drain blocked how to do, silk stockings can help you

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Many people do not know how to do when the floor drain blocked. As an important interface between the drainage pipe and the indoor floor, the quality of the floor drain has a direct impact on the quality of the indoor air. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the smooth flow of the floor drain. Well, when the floor drain blocked what should we do? Let's look at a few possibilities to drain clogging.


There are three possibillties for the blockage of floor drain:


1. If the floor drain cover is not lost, usually covered in the floor drain above, It is possible that building materials were dropped into the pipe when buliding the house, there's no clean up in time lead to a blockage.


2. Usually there are more debris dropped into the pipe, causing blockage.


3. Floor drain connected to the main wall of the external drainage pipe blockage, resulting in your home's water can not get out, you need to ask the upstairs and downstairs neighbor if there is similar situation of plugging floor drain. If anything, this is the main pipeline problems of outside.


The method of dredging floor drain:


1. Cut a small piece with thin silk stockings (the thinner the better, thick will affect the water's freeflow), as much as possible to stretch, fixed on the floor drain. In this way ,hair will gathered on the silk stockings you  can throw away silk stockings and hair when you clear the floor drain, so hair will not enter the floor drain.(Effective prevention)


2. Wipe the stains on the cover and drain with a brush, as long as the brush can reach the site to be wiped, then rinsed with water. If the pipe internal blocked, pipeline dredging agent can be used, it is effect to grease, hair, leaves and other kitchen garbage and toilet paper, toilet blockage and other obstructions. In the floor drain filled with water, sanitary pump hard up and down pass a few times.


3. Close to the angle valve can be a channel to plug the hose, put the hose into the floor drain until the hose can not go in, and then try to block the floor drain with the towel, then open the angle valve water, while hard pressed the floor drain with towel in order to prevent return to the water. General repeated once or twice if can pass it's best, or not we just stop it.


4. No matter what fall into it, it will be stuck in the corner together. You can use the iron handle of the broom, with a hammer to knock it into a spoon  shape, and then slowly dig. When feeling going to dredge, pour some water into it. Combined with several ways above, this will certainly pass.

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