Faucet water leaking treatment

- Jan 24, 2018 -

In normal life, sometimes you find the taps will drip after tightening, but also from the faucet outlet or the joints at a non-stop, not only cause a lot of waste, and sometimes the sound will cause some trouble. In fact the structure of the faucet is very simple, leaking repair is completely self-repair can see, in general, the problem of leakage as long as the replacement of the faucet inside the gasket or triangular gasket and other gasket parts, you can has been solved. However, before the renovation must turn off the tap at home.

Leakage on the faucet joints repair, will leak no more than the reason is tied to the faucet part (fixing screw) water stop tape damage. Therefore, as long as the wrench is used to remove the faucet, rewinding the new water stop tape at the place of the fixing screw. The following are the maintenance steps: First, fasten the faucet and use the wrench to counterclockwise the faucet Rotate removed. Second, the threaded hole outward, in the threaded part of the tape with a clockwise wind volume 5-6 back.

To see whether there is a faucet plate clamp adjusting the water tied tied into the clockwise direction, after the final installation, try to open the main switch, to confirm to see will leak.

Even tighten the faucet, still leaking reason:

1.Water leakage causes: it is due to the faucet shaft pad wear caused. Use pliers to loosen the gland and remove it. Remove the shaft washer with a clip and replace with a new shaft washer.

2. Faucet tying the lower part of the gap leakage reasons: That is because the gland within the triangle seal wear caused. You can turn the screw to remove the tie, then loose the gland, and then remove the gland inside the triangle seal, replace it with a new one.

3. Leakage at junction: The cap nut is largely loosened, and you can retighten the cap nut or replace with a new U-gasket.

Faucets found if there is less water, the water leakage may be the case, because the single-tap the water stop disk stuck sand, this phenomenon is still looking for professional maintenance division dismantling the faucet clean, but if the pad is damaged you must replace. In general, the correct use of faucets, refers to do not rotate the faucet is too tight, so faucet pads can maintain the life of 7,8 years, however, the hot water part of the faucet due to thermal expansion and contraction easy to reduce its life expectancy , It is generally recommended that both sides of the hot and cold pads at the same time can be regularly replaced at the same time.

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