Classification of water pipes under basin

- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. Pressure-type Sewer

Although the appearance of the pressure-type sewer is better, it is easier to attach some dirt to the pressure-type water, and the whole sewer can be screwed down to clean thoroughly, and the operation will be slightly complicated, and it is not very convenient to use. If the sewer is screwed down, then the back of Ann may be loose, but not firm.

2. Flip-type Sewer

The plate-type sewer can rotate freely in any direction, causing the water in the basin to leak out. After the use of the plate-type sewer for a long time after the tightness will be reduced, resulting in the basin can not be installed water. Or there is a situation of the flip-flop, the structure is simple, easy to clean, easy to replace.

3. Leaky Sewer

Leak-type sewer structure is also relatively simple, and the kitchen sink in the same water, leakage of the installation process of the water cooler than the pressure-type water and the plate of the device to install a bit more complex. Leaky sewer basin can not hold water unless cover is sealed.

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