Classification of basin clicker waste salt spray test

- May 03, 2018 -

Artificially simulated salt spray tests include neutral salt spray test, acetate spray test, copper salt accelerated acetate spray test, and alternating salt spray test.

Neutral salt spray test

It is the earliest one of the most widely used field of accelerated corrosion test methods. In general, it uses a 5% aqueous solution of sodium chloride, and the pH of the solution is adjusted to a neutral range (6.5 to 7.2) as a solution for spraying. Test temperature is taken at 35 °C, the required salt spray settlement rate between 1 ~ 3ml/80cm2.h, settlement is generally between 1 ~ 2ml/80cm2.h.

Acetate spray test

It was developed on the basis of a neutral salt spray test. It is to add some glacial acetic acid in 5% sodium chloride solution, so that the PH value of the solution is reduced to about 3, the solution becomes acidic, and the final salt mist is also changed from neutral salt fog to acidic. Its corrosion rate is about 3 times faster than the NSS test.

Copper salt accelerated acetate spray test

It is a rapid salt spray corrosion test recently developed abroad. The test temperature is 50°C. Adding a small amount of copper salt, cupric chloride, into the salt solution strongly induces corrosion. Its corrosion rate is about 8 times that of the NSS test.

Alternating Salt Spray Test

It is an integrated salt spray test that is actually a neutral salt spray test plus a constant damp heat test. It is mainly used for cavity type machine basin clicker waste. Through the infiltration of the tide environment, the salt spray corrosion is not only produced on the surface of basin clicker waste but also produced inside basin clicker waste. It is to switch basin clicker waste alternately under the conditions of salt spray and damp heat, and finally to assess whether there is any change in the electrical and mechanical properties of the complete basin clicker waste.

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