Benefits of sealing ground leakage

- May 25, 2018 -

1, excellent mechanical properties of stainless steel floor drain

The tensile strength of the stainless steel made of the material is more than 530 N/mm, 2 times the galvanized pipe, 3-4 times the copper tube, 8-10 times the PPR tube, and has good ductility and toughness.

2, super group wear resistance performance

The stainless steel drain pipe can withstand high speed water erosion up to 30 meters per second, which is used in the diversion stainless steel pipe of the high water head power station. The end of the pipe is more than 60 meters per second at the end of the pipe. It still has more than 100 years of service life.

3, excellent corrosion resistance

The thin and dense chrome oxide film on the surface makes the stainless steel pipe have good corrosion resistance in all water, including soft water, even if buried in the ground, it has excellent corrosion resistance.

4, good temperature resistance performance

The stainless steel tube can work safely at -270 C -400 C for a long time. No matter at high temperature or low temperature, the harmful substances will not be precipitated. The properties of the materials are fairly stable.

5. The smooth water resistance of the inner wall is small

The sanitary grade stainless steel pipe is smooth and the water resistance is very small. At low velocity, the water resistance is only 2/5 of the carbon steel pipe. It reduces the pressure loss, reduces the transportation cost, and is not easy to be contaminated by bacteria and does not accumulate dirt.

6. Good thermal insulation performance

The insulation performance of stainless steel floor drain pipes is 24 times that of copper pipes, which reduces heat loss and is especially suitable for hot water transportation.

7. Good safety and health performance

The stainless steel material of our company is safe and lead-free, no corrosion and exudation, no odor or turbidity, it will not cause two pollution to the water quality, the water quality is pure and sanitary, and the health safety is fully guaranteed.

Reutilization of 8 and 100%

It will not cause environmental pollution. Green environmental protection is conducive to sustainable development, and even stainless steel scrap has great economic value.

9. Appearance, cleanliness and fashion

It helps to improve the grade of urban buildings, which can be installed in Ming dynasty or in dark.

10, it is beneficial to save water resources

The high strength of the stainless steel ground drain water pipe greatly reduces the possibility of water leakage affected by the external force, significantly reduces the water leakage rate, so that the water resources can be effectively protected and utilized.

11. A wide range of use

It can be used for hot and cold water projects in family decoration and high-grade villa decoration; municipal water supply pipe network, pipe direct drinking water, hot water transportation, water supply in middle and high grade buildings, hot water pipe for heating, steam pipe and outdoor high speed in severe cold area, city fire water supply, pump room and other various occasions. (successful cases are: cold, hot water and steam pipeline reconstruction projects in the Great Hall of the people; 2008 Beijing Olympic swimming pool, cycling hall cold and hot water projects, cold water and direct drinking water projects for Nireeda Apartments, cold and hot water items of General Hospital of PLA, the cold and hot water projects of Xinjiang mansion, etc.)

12. Low comprehensive cost of service life

The field corrosion test data show that the service life of the stainless steel pipe is up to 100 years, the life cycle is almost no maintenance, the cost and trouble of the faucet replacement are avoided, the operating cost is low, and the comprehensive use cost (for 50 years of service life calculation) is only the 1/2 of the galvanized pipe, the 1/4 of the excellent PPR tube and the 1/2 of the copper pipe.

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