Bathroom Status Trend

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Existing state of affairs

1. Leisure bathroom: The specification of the bathroom is not uniform and it restricts the development of the industry. Due to the inconsistent specifications of the domestic housing bathroom, it is difficult for consumers to make product differences, and it is difficult to produce on a large scale. This is the basic reason for restricting the rapid growth of the leisure bathroom. Leisure bathroom industry insiders hope that the relevant state departments can introduce relevant policies as soon as possible, in the bathroom specifications to develop a unified standard, to create favorable conditions for the development of China's leisure bathroom industry.

2. Product Quality: The lack of uniform standards in the industry. An industry that lacks product quality standards means that it is difficult to form barriers to entry. For this reason, profit-taking merchants have flocked to seize market share. The healthy development of the sanitary ware industry is inseparable from the formulation and implementation of product quality standards.

3. Short industry history: Failure to accurately predict market trends and the status quo of small and medium-sized enterprises. This is related to the short history of the sanitary industry and the lack of industry precipitation. The lack of experience of business owners and their unfamiliarity with brand operation methods can not accurately predict market trends. Mr. Fan worked in the sanitary industry for 7 years and has a deep understanding of the industry.

4, Ceramic bathroom: The core technology is difficult to lead the industry, "the bathroom industry is a core technology, performance in the toilet. China's sanitary industry failed to break through the core technology, it is difficult to lead the industry development trend, to master the industry right to speak." An industry insider It is believed that technology is one of the reasons restricting the development of Chinese sanitary ware brands. Unless it breaks through the core technology of the toilet flushing system, the leading position of foreign brands in the industry is beyond the reach of Chinese ceramic sanitary ware companies. In 2010, the popularity trend of the home bathroom industry, experts believe that the public will choose the bathroom will be based on health and environmental protection, simple personality, functional supremacy is the principle of consumption, while the new enjoyment of comfortable bathroom is also much respected by people.


For a long time, the shape of sanitary ware was monotonous and lacked new ideas. Manufacturers are also aware of this problem, began to design and research and development of new-style sanitary ware products, many new products have gradually begun to market, multi-functional washbasins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and more aesthetic style toilets, but also increasingly becoming Hot spots sought by consumers. Many new types of innovative sanitary ware products have been introduced to the market one after another.

Extremely simplified

The philosophy that many designers pursue is to make everything simple and simple to be convenient. This minimalist trend has precisely catered to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become direct and simplest. The washbasin is no longer blindly pursuing the luxury of marble countertops; toilets are no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers do not consider the area of their own bathroom, but to install a large bath or shower room . Simple is equal to convenience, this minimalist trend just cater to the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become direct and "the most simple." Minimalist style began to be popular.


With advancements in technology, bathroom products are constantly merging more and more technological content. Smart thermostat baths, smart flush toilets, undoubtedly bring consumers more comfortable bathroom new enjoyment. Nowadays, in the restrooms of some big restaurants, occasionally you don't know how to make the tap water. In the home, sanitary products also broke the simple cleaning function, will develop into a set of bathroom space to enjoy, casual, clean, health care as one way of life. Now the market has to buy a set temperature technology, sensor technology, self-generating system in one of the self-generation sensor faucet, remote control opening and closing the toilet lid, automatic intelligent automatic flush toilet and other products. In addition, some bathroom products are also equipped with underwater spotlights, radios, external CD players, and stereos. With advances in technology, sophisticated technology and a large number of innovative elements have been adopted bathroom equipment manufacturers, not only to better functionality of the device stronger, but also allow you to experience the unique pleasure of bathing. With advancements in technology, bathroom products are constantly merging more and more technological content. Smart thermostat bath, toilet intelligent pumping beautifully, no doubt for consumers to enjoy more comfort new bathroom. Ceramic products no longer dominate the world of toilets. Stone, glass, wood and other materials have become alternatives to ceramic products. So, glazed porcelain will gradually replace the traditional clay brick, a kaleidoscope of colors; let Petty wooden bathtub heart; glass mosaic popular in the bathroom, the launch of these new materials will better reflect its design heritage.

Energy saving

Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the subject of concern in the world today, and almost everyone is paying attention to this point. Of course, water resources are also among the ranks of energy conservation and environmental protection. “Save water, everyone is responsible,” “Water is the source of life” is a slogan that we can often see in our lives, and it is also reflected in household appliances. For example, the product “water saving concept” on the sanitary ware market is becoming popular. stand up.

CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" tracked and tracked the AQSIQ's spot checks on water-saving sanitary products. Random checks of strict ethnic enterprises handed in the perfect answer sheet. The test examined 160 toilet products and 150 faucet products from 13 provinces and cities including Henan and Guangdong. The results were mixed. Worryingly, the unqualified rates for toilets and faucets were as high as 7.5% and 21.3%, respectively. Famous enterprises such as Sakura and Qiao Deng have also been tested for quality problems; a group of ethnic bathroom companies passed the test smoothly, which is another witness of the rise of China's national sanitary ware. Toilet water saving is not only the product's own technical problems, but also related to the water configuration, toilet pipes, ceramic glaze and other issues. In the process of spot-checking, we found that although some companies' products still do not meet the water-saving standards, there are also many national sanitary products that have the core water-saving technologies. Compared with toilets, the national supervision and inspection of ceramic seals in the tap, that is, we are talking about the lower the rate of qualified, in the product of pipe thread accuracy, acid salt spray test, flow, etc. and water-saving Among the 8 projects with closely related performance, 5 projects have been found to have quality problems, among which SMEs are particularly disqualified, but many ethnic enterprises have also delivered perfect answers.

Water-saving plans, benefiting the country and the people, toilets and faucets, these ordinary and ordinary water-saving products in our lives may be a small problem for our families, which saves us a little living expenses. For the country, water-saving products are a big issue that concerns the conservation and rational use of water resources. In this random inspection, the passing rate of the product has increased compared to the past, but there are still many water-saving performance and product quality problems. Today, as water resources become more and more tense, on the one hand, companies need to take up social responsibility for energy saving and environmental protection, and vigorously research and develop water-saving products. On the other hand, consumers should actively learn water-saving knowledge and develop good water-saving products. habit. Water saving has been advocated by adults. Saving one drop of water per person per day is also very beneficial for the entire country. Enterprises should pay attention to this and apply the concept of conservation to commodities as much as possible, saving limited resources for the country and the earth. . Consumers should also always pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, and also a "clean" on earth. We all know that environmental protection is not a slogan, but a major event that is closely related to everyone’s life. In the bathroom space, its environmental protection is reflected in two aspects, one is the environmental protection of space design, and the other is the environmental protection of supplies. Health and water saving are a theme of the sanitary revolution over the years. In the building materials market, we can often see that major bathroom brands make such slogans. From bathtubs to toilets to urinals, technological changes are taking place in places and places where antibacterial, antifouling and water saving are available. I believe that this product can better cater to the general consumer psychology, both antibacterial, water-saving two major functions of bathroom products will be more outstanding. Take the tap, stainless steel will gradually replace the copper, this is mainly to consider environmental protection and health.


The concept of traditional living in the bathroom space is secretive and narrow. But in the new decoration design nowadays, the boundaries between the bathroom space and the rest of the home space begin to blur. The washbasin is independent of the bathroom space, the transparent bathroom cubicle, or the shower room with no threshold and the same level. The appearance of these new shower spaces makes the most common and indispensable living habits of the shower become full. Interesting, if you adopt early, it is also very brave to flaunt your personality.


In fact, there are only a few items in the bathroom, such as bathtubs, basins, washbasins, makeup mirrors, sundries, toilets, or urinals. I am afraid it is inevitable that some people will ask how these things are designed artistically. ? In fact, sanitary products design can be said to be ever-changing and ever-changing. Some use the "dialogue between the parties and the circle", some use the concept of Zen, and others break through the inherent concepts in materials. These design explorations constantly make bathroom products appear Artistic tendencies, people in the bathing space, not only produce the joy of a clean body, but also experience the visual impact of the United States.

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