Bathroom Selection Guide: teach you how to choose the basin water sink

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Wash basin in the water there are several types, the earliest is pulling type, and later have turned plate and bounce type, and so on, in general, these water with a long time if not clean up in time, due to the accumulation of dirt, mechanical properties are not very good. The old-fashioned pull-type water is now not used, the selection of the mouth to choose the type of core can be taken out of the whole, clean and then put back to the kind, easy to clean.

Bounce mouth looks very good-looking, but in the use of a period of time, you need to twist down the water, with detergent to scrub the above dirt clean, so as to ensure a smooth flow of the popular sewer; this kind of water mouth has a disadvantage, this kind of ceramic basin special water mouth is very not easy to find, generally is the glass basin water mouth, ceramic mouth is the following pipe with drain mouth, some suppliers in the glass water mouth dozen a hole, when the ceramic basin of the mouth to sell. Such a modified glass water outlet is a lot shorter, if the ceramic basin thicker will lead to the following Luo buckle buckle, it can only be used a hexagonal buckle piece screw, but after loading is very not secure, easy to loose, so it is best not to choose this kind of sewer.

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