Bathroom renovation has a lot of hidden danger, this five points should pay attention

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Bathroom decoration has always been home improvement top priority. Although the proportion of the entire house decoration is small, but it is an important manifestation of the whole house comfort, warmth and safety. In terms of safety, as the bathroom involves water and electricity problems during use, and the environment is in a damp state for a long time, once the decoration is taken into account, improper handling can easily lay hidden safety hazards that may affect the quality of home life, It threatens the health of our life. Especially the home of the elderly, families with children, bathroom renovation can not be sloppy.

1. Can not choose the bathroom wet, slip-proof measures to avoid accidents

In most accident-prone area of the house is the bathroom, and the most accident-prone people than the elderly and children. The floor is too slippery, water, etc., are the main cause of accidents. The bathroom decoration can choose non-slip tiles, can effectively reduce the elderly children in the shower or slippery when the floor slips.

Currently on the market a wide range of non-slip tiles, quartz tiles, antique tiles, emery tiles mainly three categories, owners can choose according to their own preferences and bathroom decoration style. Floor tile laying should also set the appropriate curvature, easy drainage, to avoid water retention in the bathroom caused by accidents. At the same time, but also in the shower or bath to increase non-slip mat, non-slip water.

2. Keep dry and ventilated, sweeping formaldehyde and bacteria

Wet environment, is a good place to breed bacteria and worms, and the bathroom is precisely where the most with this condition. In order to avoid such phenomena, it is best to install ventilation equipment in the renovation, can always keep the bathroom dry and ventilated. In addition, do not miss the sink and toilet in the bathroom stacking toiletries, always clean. For towels, towels and other personal items, it is best placed outdoors in direct sunlight, good ventilation.

It is noteworthy that, bathroom cabinets, ceilings and floors are concentrated formaldehyde place. Coupled with bathroom space is limited, poor ventilation, can easily lead to prolonged formaldehyde. Therefore, in addition to ventilation, after the renovation of new houses in the bathroom to place some green plants adsorbed formaldehyde, it is necessary.

3. Do not ignore the details of the protection, protective redouble more peace of mind

Many owners know little about bathroom decoration, such as the problem of safety handrails, I believe few people will give their own bathroom installation. But in fact, its existence can well protect themselves and their families. Especially the elderly with mobility problems, bathing and toileting, the safety handrails can provide more protection for the elderly and play a role in cushioning the elderly when they slip down, reducing the damage caused by direct falls.

In addition, taking into account the elderly at home, children and other issues, the bathroom decoration items such as sinks and bathroom cabinet purchase or build, should give up the sharp right angle design, use arc lines or install protective strips, Avoid secondary damage from corner touching when bumping or slipping.

4. Bathroom electricity need to be cautious, protective devices indispensable

Bathing, inevitably have to deal with water, electricity, in the event of leakage phenomenon, the consequences could be disastrous. Especially when bathing often need to use the electric water heater, hair dryer, Yuba, etc., are in need of electricity, it is prone to electric shock hazard. Therefore, the bathroom decoration, must take into account the safety of electricity.

On the one hand, to seal and waterproof the bathroom circuit, use the socket with protective safety cover; on the other hand, separate electric circuit and special electric gate should be set up because of the large electric power in the bathroom. Furthermore, it is the choice of electric water heaters in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose "a new generation of" Haier anti-electric wall water heaters, which can block the electric water heater itself and earth leakage caused by live or water pipes caused by electricity safety issues, 15 consecutive years of protection 90 million homes worldwide 0 safety accidents.

5. Bathroom gas hidden dangers, double gas security is guaranteed

The basic function of the bathroom is to take a bath. Therefore, the purchase of a water heater is essential. If the bathroom space is small, choose a gas water heater can be placed in the kitchen and then fit, save space while meeting bathing needs. However, the choice of gas water heater, there are many precautions.

Compared to the previous generation of gas water heater water temperature fits and starts, can only monitor a gas, windy day can not catch fire and other issues, the new generation of gas water heater unique thermostatic bath, double gas security, intelligent wind pressure system more In line with the current needs. For example, adults are willing to recommend to you the new generation of Haier Haier gas water heater (JSQ31-16V6 (12T)), equipped with dual-water servo function, to achieve full temperature bathing; unique dual gas security system, you can monitor Indoor carbon monoxide and natural gas concentrations, dual protection to the family; patented smart wind pressure system, but also be able to solve the high winds big flameout problem, no longer have to see the day shower.

New home renovation, do not ignore the bathroom safety issues. Good bathroom decoration, to bring us more comfortable bath to enjoy.

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